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Records Appointment

The records appointment is technically the very first step in the patient's orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic Diagnostic Record is an evaluation and diagnostic tool that Dr. Larosiliere uses to determine the patient's orthodontic needs. The Diagnostic Records provides a wealth of information that is not always revealed by a visual clinical examination.

Diagnostic records are made to document the patient's orthodontic problem and to help determine the best course of treatment. As orthodontic treatment will create many changes, these records are also helpful in determining progress of treatment with post-treatment records taken to evaluate the final treatment outcomes and making any other treatment recommendations.

Complete diagnostic records typically include a medical history, a dental and orthodontic history, clinical examination, plaster and/or digital study models of the teeth, photographs of the patient's face and teeth, a panoramic or other X-rays of all the teeth, a facial profile X-ray (cephalometric film), and other appropriate X-rays. This information is used to plan the best course of treatment and help explain the orthodontic problem(s) and propose treatment to the patient and/or parent(s) of a minor child.

Dr. Larosiliere will study these records to determine how the teeth and the jaw bones are positioned and will finalize your customized complete orthodontic treatment plan for your individual case.

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